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  1. Singha Pendant Singha Pendant
    Singha Pendant
  2. Stallion Pendant Stallion Pendant
    Stallion Pendant
  3. Apart Wing Pendant Apart Wing Pendant
    Apart Wing Pendant
  4. Golden Falcon Pendant
  5. Swastik Trishul Pendant
  6. XoXo All Pendant
  7. Petal Mesh Mangalsutra

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  8. Mom Wow Pendant
  9. Kanha Pankh Pendant
  10. Om Pankh Pendant
  11. Lotus Buddha Pendant
  12. Balanced Capricorn Pendant
  13. Dreamer Pisces Pendant
  14. Ambitious Aries Pendant
  15. Imaginative Gemini Pendant
  16. Stubborn Taurus Pendant
  17. Enthusiastic Sagittarius Pendant
  18. Goal Oriented Capricorn Pendant
  19. Libra Harmony Pendant
  20. Inventive Aquarius Pendant
Set Descending Direction

20 Items

per page
From the office to the gym, dinner to friend’s wedding, changes in life are unpredictable. For more one can’t foresee when and where you will land in next minute. Therefore in order to remain ever ready for last minute plans, ShipJewel have come up with an exclusive and casual range of gold pendants, renowned for their lavish and well-curated designs. Buy customized gold plated pendant available in abstract designs with color stones, lava beads and classy charms, inspired by nature, spiral patterns and other. Further, for more personalized effect, you have options to choose. With Casual Pendants for Sale India, you have a chance to pass off your daily wear by keeping your style quotient quite high. Lightweight, affordable and trendy pendant collection will certainly leave you gushing over bejeweled wonder.