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Be the Trendsetter

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  • Trend Analysis/Study/Research

From current trends to intercontinental fashion, everything is studied and explored upon thoroughly in the beginning. Our designers research and visit various exhibitions and shows to have a experiential knowledge about the designs in vogue.

Mood board is taken in progress after the research completion on the trends studied.

After the construction of mood board, the trends are split into different occasion categories, i.e., work, casual and party, where a women would prefer wearing those jewelry pieces. Every so often feedback are acquired from confident modern day woman.

  • Formulating research into exploration

After the successful sync of research and feedback, inspirations are put together into work and brainstorming session starts. Brainstorming helps in working upon exploration development based on which designs are initiated.

The designs are further brought into life through CAD (Computer-Aided Design). CAD,latest technology available, is used to increase the productivity of the designer, improving the quality and accuracy of the design and to create a database for manufacturing. The process of constructing a design into the system is facilitated through Computer-Aided Designing Technology.

  • Work in process

CAD files are further taken into CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) which is then Dye Casted for the final piece. Finally, here we are ready with our final jewellery presented to you through our timely updated feed. Shoots done in Ship Jewel are highly focused on not just the jewellery but also on the overall styling look that go in pair with the jewellery.