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Fashion update- charm up your appearance with Mangalsutra Bracelet

Fashion update- charm up your appearance with Mangalsutra Bracelet

Indian brides catch all the attention. There is no minimalism for brides in Indian culture because as soon as a girl is married, she is licensed to deck up in all form of jewelry. Your grandmother would love to see you wearing heavy anklets and your mother would love to see your arms laden with clinking bangles.

Did we forget about the mangalsutra? Well, Mangalsutra is an indispensable part of a married female’s jewelry box.

A traditional and authentic Mangalsutra went through lots of changes in design to catch with the changes in the fashion. If you are a minimalistic new generation bride, we bring you a fashion update you would love- it is the Mangalsutra Bracelet that has caught up the Bollywood brides too.

A bracelet mangalsutra is a representation of style and tradition brought together.

Mangalsutra is an expression of a female’s appreciation towards power of blissful married life. It brings a positive influence to keep her married life happy. Combining trend and tradition together, the bracelet mangalsutra is a right piece of jewelry to exhibit beauty of Indian culture in style.

Smart way to show your marital status

The married women always love to display their marital status. A bracelet mangalsutra is a minimalistic way to adorn this piece of jewelry on the wrist.  The popularity of these beautifully crafted delicate pieces of jewelry can be sported in daily use.  The symbol of marital bliss is available for purchase online as well as in-store. Available in white, rose and normal gold these uniquely designed bracelet mangalsutra come with the diamond or gold charms dangling delicately along the designs.

Use Mangalsutra Bracelet daily 

If you are looking for an anniversary gift or a birthday gift for your wife, nothing beats the bracelet mangalsutra. As it epitomizes the trend and tradition in the most minimalistic way, it completes a female’s jewelry wardrobe.  It is not a mere piece of jewelry but are clubbed with the emotions of the marital bliss.

Crafted with utmost precision, these bracelet mangalsutra add a new found poise and class to a married female’s attire that can be adorned on daily basis.

Uniquely delicate mangalsutra bracelets are one or two strings of black beads strung on a gold wire. The diamond or gold charms add more feminism to the complete piece of timeless jewelry. 

We have seen B-town celebrities adorn these unique pieces of jewelry like Shilpa Shetty and Sonam Kapoor. Not only does it add oomph to the newly wed brides style but also embodies the love and care the new couple will be sharing. For some of you the concept of bracelet mangalsutra might be new so why not grab this piece of jewelry that is also available in imitation.

The mangalsutra bracelet is peaking out in being the trendiest jewelry among married females as it is easy to adorn and looks chic with the western wear too. Flaunt your mangalsutra in the trendiest style ever.