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Best way to keep your Enamel jewellery clean and safe

Best way to keep your Enamel jewellery clean and safe

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How to care for your - Precious Enamel Jewellery…

Enamel - Like a fine glass sculpture, enamel jewelry is beautiful and yet fragile, and can scratch easily. It needs proper care on a regular basis to maintain its beauty. Be careful handling your pieces of enamel jewelry. Place jewelry on tissue paper or soft cloth and wrap it up before and after you wear it. Below are the safety care tips for your fragile enamel jewellery.

Let’s grab these things first…!!!

1.  Tissue paper

2. Soft cloths

3.  A bowl

4.  Soft jewellery cleaning gloves

5.  Mild Liquid soap

6.  A toothbrush (soft bristles)

7.  A jewelry cloth (a satin or cashmere fabric)

Okay let’s begin with…

Put on gloves first then, take out the jewellery you want to clean for instance let’s take a ring. Fill the bowl with Luke warm tap water (Do not use tap water if your house uses hard water, salty water. Use distilled water instead) put half spoon of liquid soap in it mix it and then soak your enamel jewelery into the bowl for about 10 – 12 mins.

Enamel care tips


Carefully take out the jewellery and place it gently on the towel. Let the towel soak up the extra dripping soapy water. Use your toothbrush to carefully and gently clean any stuck on dirt and residue from the jewelry.

Rinse and wash

Rinse the jewelry in cool, clear water. If you run them under the tap, be sure the sink stopper is securely in place. Do not use tap water if your house uses hard water. Hard water can leave spots on your jewelry. If you have hard water, use bottled or distilled water instead. Do not rub the jewellery harshly to remove soapy effect. Gentle-hand wash up will do it well.



Enamel Collection

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Place your pieces on the soft cloth to dry. Gently pat the jewellery dry with another cloth. If possible, use a hair dryer to dry off any excess moisture, or just leave the jewellery to dry under a fan to for about 2-3 hours. Be sure the hair dryer is set to low heat before you use it. This will prevent any heat damage to your jewellery. Make sure your jewellery is perfectly dry, before packing and wrapping it back to stack up again.



Note: Place your jewellery on tissue paper and wrap it up before you put it way. The paper will protect the glass from accidental scratches and chips. Do not expose off your recently cleaned jewellery under the direct sunlight for long, it may damage the texture of enamel or so.




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