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ShipJewel master with women jewelry that deals in western closet, exclusively designed and developed from distinctive concepts after a profound and meticulous research on latest fashion trends by our design team. Each ShipJewel piece is blingtastic. The designs are a representation of complex thoughts, memories and moments and tell an intense story, depicted through each jewelry piece.

From dramatic earrings to encrusted rings and bold storyteller pendants, each piece is designed and fused with chic look, making it the perfect accessory for the confident, modern day woman. Every jewelry craft piece is a conversation starter and comfy for all sort of occasions, with its lightweight forte, and is provocative and sophisticated.

It is said ‘true friends are like diamonds’; imagine your jewelry turning out to be your true friend. Every jewelry is a women’s true friend, who is there with you to share each moment of your life and fill it with happiness.